Organic Cotton

Why choose Organic Cotton?

Cotton is a beautiful natural fibre which has been used by humans for millennia and always known for its softness, strength and versatility. The textile is used so widely for garments because it gives a wearable, moisture-wicking, skin-friendly feel, yet is also easily dyed and printed and lasts for many years.

However, the scale of the modern, resource-intensive conventional cotton farming industries means that this humble natural fibre is now having a very detrimental effect on ecosystems and therefore the organic alternative offers a much needed low impact option for cotton lovers who care about the planet!


Organic cotton is cotton that is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. Its production allows for sustainable health of soil, ecosystems and the people who tend it, by preferring natural and more gentle farming processes rather than artificial, chemical or resource exploiting techniques that conventional cotton producers employ.

Organic cotton farming also does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMO's, but alternatively, it combines traditional methods as well as modern scientific innovation to benefit the environment and it therefore promotes a better quality of life for its producers as well.


why is organic cotton superior to conventional?


If you are looking for a more sustainable and more ethical product than conventional cotton, then organic cotton is an obvious choice! Not only is it softer than regular cotton, it contains fewer chemicals in its growing and production, impacts more positively on the environment and also provides a more fairtrade, ethical lifestyle for the producers.

It uses significantly less water and less energy than conventional crops, but also it promotes biodiversity unlike the monoculture of conventional crops so that the ecosystems are supported by the organic crops and in turn provide natural soil regeneration, fertilisation, pest control and water retention.

Certification and transparency

In order to certify and guarantee the organic standards and ethical supply chain of organic cotton fibres to end consumers, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification proves the source of organic cotton fibres in a finished textile or garment. 

This standard tracks and identifies the source and methods or farming and processing to ensure that it meets the stringent GOTS standard of organic textiles.

Our Eco Intimates organic cotton all hold the GOTS certification, giving our garments a guarantee of organic quality that underlies our core values of luxury, eco and ethics!