Eco & Ethics

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We are Eco Intimates, and we represent fashion with conscience. Hand-made luxury with ethical production is at the core of what we create! Every piece, in every collection, is carefully handmade by skilled garment makers using the highest quality eco textiles. Here is a snapshot of our ethical practices from design to manufacture:


Eco fabrics are the core of our brand, so of course we choose the best natural and eco-textiles to create our pieces. However, we also believe that it's important to be selective about where we source our textiles from in order to enhance their sustainability credentials.

The fashion industry is fickle and inherently produces a lot of wastage. Therefore, as a boutique producer, we have developed strategies to use certain textiles which are surplus from larger producers’ production runs. Being a small scale producer means that unless you are ordering thousands of meters of fabric or trim, you have to use what is already available.

Therefore, in order to supply small runs, we purchase my trims from remnant suppliers and tailor the designs to suit the fabrics and lace that is available. The benefit of this is that you are using what is already been made, so it further reduces the carbon footprint of each garment. However, our quality standards for all materials are non-negotiable; we have minimum standards for our quality and eco-textile sources which we will always be firmly committed to!


Our signature organic jersey is a GOTS certified organic cotton that is dyed or printed with low impact dyes (the best we have found so far).

GOTS is a global organic textile standard and is an organisation to ensure the organic standard of textiles from raw materials and each manufacturer must adhere to the guidelines in order to have a licensed and certified GOTS textile. 

This luxury organic eco-textile is the best we have found available, and we often get feedback about the softness and luxury feel of this gorgeous material that works so well for our intimate pieces!


Why Choose Organic Cotton?




All our original collections are conceptualised, designed and sampled by Eco Intimates owner and founder Madonna Bain in her studio in the picturesque Byron Bay, on the northern coast of NSW, Australia. She is blessed to live in this idyllic holiday town, which is a hub for many creative businesses. The region is also known for its alternative lifestyle and this inspires her daily to follow her passion for design and for eco-fashion.
All Eco Intimates designs are carefully considered to deliver style, fit and comfort for every woman and create a garment with the quality to last and be worn many times.


I partner with our makers, who themselves dictate the cost of sewing each piece. Once I am ready to begin the production process I purchase fabric, supply the sample of the designs, patterns and tech packs. Then together we start off with re-sampling the design to calculate the cost of sewing each piece. The tailor then gives me a quote for each design, which can be negotiated by the number of pieces I choose to produce the design in. If I choose to make under 20 pieces, then the price is higher than if I order 100 pieces and so on. 

I work with 3 home based sewing teams, in Bali, Indonesia. Each of these teams specialising in different types of garments, stretch underwear and sleepwear, stretch bras and all my styles made from woven fabrics. It has taken years for me to find the right teams for certain designs. 

Lony, my production manager, managers these 3 teams and all the quality control and packing is done in her office in Denpasar, Bali, before being shipped to me in Australia. 


Our pieces are hand crafted, not mass produced. They are handmade in small quantities in Bali, Indonesia. With emphasis on high quality materials, we are able to create beautifully hand-crafted pieces that you can treasure and love!

As a business making relatively small quantities of product, we are small enough to manage the production personally. Founder and owner Madonna, works one-on-one with a local Balinese family production team, Ibu and Kadek.

The garments are sometimes assembled by seamstresses in their own homes, in their own time, which is a popular way in Bali, called home industry. This is not the cheapest way to produce, nor a way to produce large quantities, but it provides a flexible and ethical working conditions for the seamstresses, which we are happy to support.

We have therefore consciously chosen not to employ the bigger factories (that can make clothing for much cheaper) but choose a combination of small factory and home industry, as we believe that this method better supports my emphasis on ethics, sustainability, quality and the importance of slow fashion.


One of the wonderful benefits working with other small businesses is the ability to have intricate quality pieces made in small quantities, which is hard to achieve with bigger factories. When we product our ranges in Bali, Madonna personally travels to oversee the process, taking her hand made patterns and samples to meet the tailor and get involved in the management of production, from bespoke screen printing her hand sourced fabrics, to overseeing the finishing of pieces to ensure the design meets her exacting standards.

Some of the fabrics and trims are brought from Australia (sourced locally or abroad) and some are directly sourced from suppliers locally, but all share the same qualities of natural, sustainable and high quality textiles.

Packaging & Shipping

Each order is wrapped in our signature cream tissue paper and we proudly use COMPOST BAGS from Better Packaging & for smaller orders we use paper tough bags. Each of these options can be reused, recycled or put in your green waste. 

Our DHL orders are packed with DHL packaging supplied from the company; we encourage you to recycle them. We have requested DHL to supply biodegradable options as we more to our target of being plastic free.

compostable packaging  

organic cotton

Journey to better - our ongoing sustainability goals

We are so proud of our products and the small way they contribute to offering a more positive alternative to mass produced garments, by using organic or natural textiles and small scale ethical production to create consciously better garments that last.

However, we also know that like anyone in the fashion industry, we still have improvements that we can make in order to reach our ultimate goal, which is to create minimum impact or harm to the planet.

Even though we are only a small business, we believe that it is our responsibility to invest in improving all aspects of our brand so that it can holistically create the least harm to our environment and planet as a whole. Therefore we want to share our sustainability "Journey to Better", which sets out our short and long term goals of continual improvement, to offer transparency and accountability to fulfil these goals and embody our underlying values of luxury, eco & ethics!

We are so excited to share this journey with you, starting with our first goal to become completely plastic free, so watch this space for new announcements shortly, where we will set our our committed "Journey to Better" goals and the ways we will be implementing them!