Sweet Rosa : Create a Timeless Eco-Capsule

Sweet Rosa : Create a Timeless Eco-Capsule

Inspired by light, femininity and re-birth Sweet Rosa is a curated collection that mixes our loved classics with new Eco styles. With Spring as our muse, Sweet Rosa evokes romantic memories together with fresh, empowered intentions.

Designed to demonstrate the versatility and longevity of Eco Intimates pieces, Sweet Rosa invites you to build a fluid, timeless eco-capsule of your own that slows fashion by fitting together and lasting longer!

Using the best quality fabrics; cool silks, heritage broderie lace and the softest organic cottons, let the Sweet Rosa range of lingerie and sleepwear bring comfort, creativity and consciousness into your wardrobe for years to come.

Wearing Organic Cotton or Silk

Handmade and lovingly stitched in the home studio of our Balinese production team, Eco Intimates lingerie and sleepwear is crafted using only the best natural fabrics. High-quality silk textiles feel luxurious and feminine, while super soft organic cotton jerseys deliver form and flexibility in all the right places.

“Natural fabrics not only look, last and feel better, they’re also better for the earth - and that is a sentiment we can really get behind” - Madonna Bain, Designer and Founder of Eco Intimates.

Wear and feel the difference. We may sound biased but once you’ve spent a day in a pair of our organic cotton underwear, or a night in our silk sleepwear, we promise you won’t want to go back.

Make the Switch to Organic Lingerie and Sleepwear

Create a capsule that will last. Switch to organic... and the perfect fit!

When it comes to style, fit and sizing we take extra special care to really listen to what women need from their organic lingerie and sleepwear. That’s why we make a range of styles to suit different shapes, sizes and preferences. At Eco Intimates you’ll find an extensive range of soft cup bra styles spanning from sizes B to G, along with bikini, boyleg, high-waisted and thong underwear styles to match. Personal fitting, measurement and conversion information can be found in our sizing guides.