Fashion's Future: Together We Make It Better

Fashion's Future: Together We Make It Better

Our Community, Transparency & Commitment

While circling the vast and ever-evolving ecosystem of sustainable fashion, we are admittedly always learning. Every time we start designing, the big question on our minds is, how do we create a beautiful item of clothing that also aligns with our core values. Every strap, fastening and cup bears meaning to our community and is, therefore, with a hovering pencil above paper, carefully pondered on with intention.  

It’s Eco Lingerie, Naturally!

Your support means the world to us. 

When we started ECO INTIMATES back in 2008 we knew that our passion and commitment for natural eco-friendly lingerie aligned with a whole and very vast community of women all seeking the same thing. 

Women looking for stylish, conscious lingerie, made from beautifully soft natural lace, organic cotton and pure silk. Not just any lingerie, eco-lingerie - the kind of lingerie that doesn’t rub and is moisture wicking, so you can feel comfortable in your ECO INTIMATES all day. 

Committed, Conscious Production

It’s no secret that we love using natural fabrics to make our eco-lingerie, sleep and loungewear.  

Natural fabrics require less energy and water to produce. This means when you buy from brands consciously using natural fibers, you're supporting biodiversity and return to soil practices, naturally!