Stella Bralette Sizing Chart

Stella Bralette - Follow the following steps

1. Find your band size by measuring in your under-bust in centimetres and matching it with the Stella size below:
1. Under-bust (cm)
Stella Size 10 12 14 16
Band size 32 34 36 38
2. Next, wearing a comfortable bra, measure in your top-bust  in centimetres and note this down
3. Once you have both your under-bust and over bust measurements, minus the smaller number, which is your under-bust measurement, from your top bust measurement and you will be left with a number
4. Use the chart below to find difference 
2. Measure your top bust
3. Under/Top Difference 4-7cm 7-10cm 10-13cm 13-16cm
4. Choose cup B C D DD 
1. Under bust is 80cm
2. Top bust is 92cm 
3. The difference is 12cm
4. Choose size 12DD