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Sustainability Inspiration: Our Recommended Reads!

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Sustainability and ethical consumerism is a movement which is important to all of us. The choices we make every day, which products we choose to buy and which brands we choose to support, may each seem minor on their own, but as all these positive choices catch on to become more widespread environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyles, this is when the real change happens!
The growing groundswell of sustainable lifestyle choices is so exciting to be part of, and it's something we all want to shout about and share. Every dollar we spend is quite literally a vote for what kind of future we want to create!
So, to get you inspired, we've put together a list of some of our favourite bloggers, influencers, movers & shakers & inspirational reading in the world of eco lifestyle, fashion and sustainable living guides!

Britt's list

Britt’s List is an online fashion publication dedicated to telling the stories behind Australian fashion brands that lead their industry in environmental sustainability and ethical treatment of people and animals.

We love her on-trend style recommendations and reviews, including fashion, accessories, jewellery!

Eco Warrior Princess

This unique media brand, founded in 2010 by writer, activist and certified organic farm owner Jennifer Nini, that is "redefining what it means to live green."

"Eco Warrior Princess isn’t just a platform. Or even a publication. It’s a media business and a community of clever, stylish, discerning people who want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem."

Shift Style blog

Shift is a very stylish online guide which describe themselves as "a hub for living lightly. We shine a spotlight on brands putting sustainability first, and share inspiring, simple ways we as mindful consumers can live our values and look good doing it. The idea is simple: we can all make small shifts in our own lives, and the power of our voting dollar could not be overestimated."

Fashion Revolution 

Known best for their viral #whomademyclothes campaign, that brought focus to the ethical fashion movement after highlighting the tragedy of the Rana Plaza factory disaster and the industry inequalities and mismanagement which was inherent to the mainstream fashion industry. 

Fashion revolution "are people from all around the world who make the fashion industry work. We are the people who wear clothes. And we are the people who make them."

Their blog is a great one to follow to see how the international campaign is making changes and promoting ethical brands around the world!

The Inspired Co

This is a multi-disciplinary collaborative "with a focus on supporting sustainable and independent labels and designers, as well as emerging designers and artists entering in the industry, THE INSPIRED CO seeks to contribute to a sustainable, empowering and collaborative design industry."

They have a whole range of beautiful brands and edits on their site, and also be sure to check out their interview with Eco Intimates founder Madonna here!

Sustainable Jungle

This sustainable lifestyle blog is a great read for all sorts of sustainable, ethical and zero waste lifestyle choices, tip, hacks and ideas. The blogger duo "hope to inspire others to find value in nature, to live more sustainably and with purpose. We aim to support changemakers (both individuals and businesses) making a meaningful difference to the world around them."