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Hi, Madonna here, I am the owner and designer of Eco Intimates. Eco Intimates is hand-made luxury.  Here is a snapshot of my ethical practices from design to manufacture:
All my Eco Intimates designs are designed, pattern-made, sampled in my home studio in Australia. I then travel to Bali, Indonesia to begin the production process, purchase fabric and work along side 3 small sewing businesses to reproduce each of my designs in the styles you love


Working with small factories is like a partnership. I bring them my designs, and each tailors calculate the cost of sewing each piece, allowing for the cost of running their business.

The tailor then gives me a quote for each design, which can be negotiated by the number of pieces I choose to produce the design in. If I choose to make under 20 pieces of each design, then the price is higher than if I order 100 pieces and so on. 

I now work with seperate 3 sewing teams. Each of these teams specialising in different types of my garments, ie. stretch underwear and sleepwear, stretch bras and all my styles made from woven fabrics. 

Now that I am not in Bali, I have a production manager, Lony,  to mange these processes for my prodcutions. Once the orders are ready, they are delivered to her office for her to for quality control and packing before being shipped to me in Australia.

Lony contract is commissioned based where she is paid a commission of each of my orders. Lony employs 2 additional staff, on a casual basis, for quality control and packing which are paid a daily rate in accordance with the average wage. 


Our pieces are hand crafted, not mass produced and countless hours are dedicated to refining the production so that the pieces all meet the highest standards of quality assurance. Most of our pieces are handmade in small quantities in Bali, Indonesia, while some pieces are still individually hand made in the studio in Byron Bay. With emphasis on high quality materials, we are able to create beautifully hand-crafted pieces that you can treasure and love!

As a business making relatively small quantities of product, we are small enough to manage the production personally. Founder and owner Madonna, works one-on-one with a local Balinese family production team, Ibu and Kadek.

The garments are sometimes assembled by seamstresses in their own homes, in their own time, which is a popular way in Bali, called home industry. This is not the cheapest way to produce, nor a way to produce large quantities, but it provides a flexible and ethical working conditions for the seamstresses, which we are happy to support.

We have therefore consciously chosen not to employ the bigger factories (that can make clothing for much cheaper) but choose a combination of small factory and home industry, as we believe that this method better supports my emphasis on ethics, sustainability, quality and the importance of slow fashion.


One of the wonderful benefits working with other small businesses is the ability to have intricate quality pieces made in small quantities, which is hard to achieve with bigger factories. When we product our ranges in Bali, Madonna personally travels to oversee the process, taking her hand made patterns and samples to meet the tailor and get involved in the management of production, from bespoke screen printing her hand sourced fabrics, to overseeing the finishing of pieces to ensure the design meets her exacting standards.

Some of the fabrics and trims are brought from Australia (sourced locally or abroad) and some are directly sourced from suppliers locally, but all share the same qualities of natural, sustainable and high quality textiles.

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